The materials


White and gold form the basic of my work. The paints used are white acrylic, lacquer and gold paint with a high pigment density.
Gold leaf (18 k) and copperleaf are often added, as well as natural rock crystals in various sizes and shapes.
Fragments of mirror and glass are sometimes glued to the painted surface.

  • On a supporting canvas a structured paint layer is created, a low relief which becomes a playing field inviting one add other materials.
  • Gestures and actions follow, impulsively and instinctively shaping the surface.The energy of movement, congealed in the present. The inspired moment of making contact with the“essential”is transformed into a tangible spatiality.

This is the beginning, followed by the adding of “values”, of different matter.

  • Copper- and gold leaf, metals both tangible yet suggesting an aetherical vulnerability.
  • Natural rock crystal: rough, cut or polished.
  • Pieces of mirror and glass that reflect the spectator, break the light, divide it in it’s spectral colours, make it dance and move.